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Chef De Vergulde Slak

Your chef Sheila Struyck

I’ve worked as a chef at an early age. And during my business carreer, cooking continued to fascinate me. After 30 years it was time to truly learn the trade. So I trained to become a professional chef amongst others at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London.

What fascinates me in cooking? It’s not only a creative process, but also very technical. The combination of time, temperature an chemistry enriches the flavour of ingredients. It demands full focus. That makes it challenging every time to cook for a large groupe of people.

At De Vergulde Slak (The Gilded Snail) I want to make a delicious meal every time I cook. A feast for the eye, sumptious flavours, made from honest products that make you eat more vegetables than meat without noticing.

My philosophy in the kitchen

During my training at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London I’ve become convinced that good cooking is mainly giving attention and taking time. By steadily building taste layers with simple ingredients like shallot, herbs and other aromats you get the typical French flavour that is richt and elegant.

Furthermore, the tast of a dish is determined by the quality of the ingredients. That is why I mainly use regional produce that are in season. Because I not only want to serve delicous food, but also degestible and healthy food, vegetables have the main focus in my dishes, often prepared in a surprising way. Meat and fish that I serve have lived in the wild and were hunted or slaughtered there. A happy animal without stress provides a better quality meat.

The dishes in my menusare packed with flavour but not too large. As a result, the full menu has the nutritional value of a normal evening meal.

Culinary background & education


  • Chef in several restaurants in Rotterdam. A.o. Happini, Cambrinus en Lucullus


  • Working in business as an investor, commissioner and innovation expert
  • Hobby cook
  • Training at RiverCottage in Axeminster. 

2019 – now: Professional training as chef: 

  • Basic cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu Paris
  • Vegetarian chef, VIP health and nutrition
  • HACCP level 2, London
  • Intermediate cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu London (level 3)
  • Diploma Social Hygiene


  • Chef and menu engineering GaleriAAA by Mangiare and Mangiare Rotterdam
  • Chef at De Vergulde Slak, private dinners
“When you cook professionally, you’re dealing with many variables. Time pressure, availability of ingredients, availability of devices and guest preferences and allergies.You must handle all ingredients carefully. So a day of cooking is a day of full concentration, at the top of my skills and requiring lots of energy. A great change from the Board Room ”

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