‘Any advice for great places in Paris?

Excellent question. Obviously I don’t know the hip and happening places. But I do know where I like to go myself after a coupe of years in the city of lights.

Paris ain’t cheap and you don’t need all those calories. So I skimp on lunch and breakfast. Most boulangeries and the Monoprix have a great selection to eat in or take out. That means that I can splash out in the evenings. Remember wine is the most expensive item on the menu, so strategise there a bit by picking the wine of the month. They are usually pretty good. 

My addresses tend to be in the areas where I live(d) or worked. They are organised by arrondissement. (Rule of thumbs, 1e is around the centre isle in the Seine. Then they spiral over right around until the periferie)

1e  Ma salle a manger Tiny place, specialised in Basque cuisine. Yes, the south west of France is Basque country.  

4e – Les philosophes Been in the Marais forever, famous for their tomatoes tarte tatin, according to  Felicity Cloake – the best in town!

6e Coffee Parisien A cross between an American diner and a Parisian café. Eggs Benedicte is the go for meal there. 

8e Le petit palais A splendin museum (entrance free) with great art. And an elegant courtyard for a glass of wine or a cup of tea. 

11e Le Rigmarole  Chef with one Michelin star works in open kitchen. Lovingly made platters with great pasta and Vin Nature.

15e Quai Liberté A beachtype place at the Seine quay. Right in front of LeCordonBleu. Where they train the best chefs but also happily sell you the best croissants in town. Just go up the stairs and don’t be intimidated.

16e some great places:

  • Mon Bistrot  open only weekdays. Down to earth place with a fantastic cuisine. Try the tarte au citron. 
  • Le beaujolais d’Auteuil small family place at backside of busy square. Excellent steak tartare (if you dare)
  • Molitor Used to be an open air swimmingpool. Then a derelict partyhouse (search the graffiti). Now a fancy private swimmingpool where Parisians pay around 100 euro for an esclusive swim. Go for the breakfast or brunch and experience all that around 27,50.

17e is where I used to work 

  • La fille du Boucher  Traditionally kosher place, fantastic meat, try the endives with orange. 
  • Papillon Young talented chefs that create great combinations. Do pick the dish that seems weird to you. they will not disappoint.
  • Gustave Just on the other side of the peripherique in Neuilly. Elegant square with affordable great dishes and wines.

20e Neuilly – Île de la Jatte. Tiny island in the Seine. Some great places: 

  • La guingette de Neuilly Traditional French cuisine. They serve all dishes I studied at Le Cordon Bleu. Great views of the Seine.  
  • Le nouveau Paris   My go-to on Friday evening when I was living on the island. Folks from the neighbourhood and nice service. Opens at 7 in the morning.
  • Café la Jatte. An old factory. A dinosaur skeleton on the ceiling. Often a jazz musician or singers. Nice garden terrace. 

On my todo list:  

Advice from a talented young cuisiniere at the Ritz. 

Other sites with nice suggestions: 

Do send me your favorites I have time on my hands to research them. 

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